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Social Distancing News for 6/23/20

Budgets put limits on social distancing options for schools (ABC News)

“As schools consider how and when to reopen their buildings during the pandemic, many are finding themselves overwhelmed by the potential expenses that would come with operating under social distancing guidelines: protective equipment, staff for smaller classes and additional transportation to keep students spread out on bus rides.

The burdens loom large in particular for urban, under-resourced districts that often have neither the space nor the budgets to accommodate new health protocols.

In Hartford, Connecticut, Superintendent Leslie Torres-Rodriguez shudders at the thought of how to afford a scenario where each teacher had dramatically fewer students. In some grades, she said, she has individual teachers with as many as 27 students in their classrooms.

“My budget would be nonexistent,” she said.

The vast majority of American school districts have yet to announce when they will resume in-person instruction. The trajectory of the outbreak remains uncertain, and many are waiting on direction from their states. Many are developing plans for at least some distance learning, and budgets are one of the factors that could determine how much they do from afar.”

Two meters? One meter plus? Social distancing rules prompt fierce debate in U.K. (WaPo)

“Prime Minister Boris Johnson is being asked to answer one of the most devilish questions of the pandemic: What’s the difference between two meters and one meter of social distancing, for public health and for saving the economy?

Or, asked another way, how much does it matter if restaurant diners or pub crawlers are required to be separated by six feet vs. three feet, more or less, with one meter being equal to 3.28084 feet?

Since Johnson ordered the United Kingdom into lockdown in March, Brits have been instructed — over and over — to please keep two meters of social distance between themselves to slow the spread of the coronavirus, which has killed at least 42,731 people here so far, the highest death toll in Europe.

But Johnson earlier this month ordered a government review of the distancing rules and is widely expected this week to endorse a new “one-meter-plus” fudge.”

Hot-yoga domes could be the new social-distancing fitness craze (NY Post)

“The coronavirus pandemic has made this the age of the pods.

From private dining pods to solo party pods, the best way to isolate among others is in one’s own personal bubble. Now, there’s a way to practice your downward dog in one, too.

In Toronto, a new pop-up event lets sick-of-Zoom yoga enthusiasts take in-person — and totally socially distanced — classes, thanks to individual geodesic domes.

Spaced evenly apart on the grounds of Lake Ontario-front Hotel X, these 50 clear bubbles measure more than 7 feet tall and 12 feet wide — and include built-in heating systems to mimic the warmth of a hot-yoga studio. And after each class, the domes get sanitized by certified cleaners.”

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