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Social Distancing News 6/9/2020

Social Distance Floor Decals presents this social distancing news update for the benefit of our customers and businesses working to reopen and keep their customers safe during this challenging time. Have any news you’d like to share?

How to Have Friends Over (NY Times)

Keep the tables six feet apart, ask people to bring their own (everything) and stock up on pretty paper hand towels

“With careful planning, a cautious mind and some creative design, getting together with a limited number of friends and family members can be done.

Here are some fundamental guidelines to follow.

Stay outside.

“Outside is really key,” said Lindsey Leininger, a health policy researcher and clinical professor at Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. “We know that being indoors can be a risk factor for something going quite wrong,” even with a few guests.

And entertaining at home or in a park can be safer than outdoor dining at restaurants, because you can control who touches all the food, plates and table settings at all times, and be responsible for your own distancing.

Miss happy hour with your colleagues? Prepare two cocktails at home, funnel them into the strongest cooling bottle you have and ask a friend to meet you with his or her own glass.”

Milwaukee County’s percentage of positive coronavirus tests stays high at 16% while statewide results continue downward trend (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

“Hyland said all Metro Market and Pick ‘n Save stores follow sanitary guidelines outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

All employees are required to wear masks and have their temperature checked before each shift, he said.

To promote social distancing, the store has placed floor decals to indicate a 6-foot distance at all registers, pharmacy windows and self-checkout lanes, he said.

Carts and self-checkout screens are cleaned after each customer, and the store broadcasts reminders about the importance of social distancing every 15 minutes, he said.”

Swimming, s’mores and social distancing: Is summer camp during the pandemic worth it? (NBC)

“While on a nature hike at Camp Wilani in Veneta, Oregon, last week, five young campers crowded around an interesting bug before being gently reminded by staff members to spread out. Later, the children played badminton with 6 feet of space separating them. During archery, canoeing and arts and crafts, they took frequent breaks to pump hand sanitizer into their palms.

The small group of elementary and middle schoolers was attending a special four-day session just for children of essential workers — Camp Wilani’s first foray into operating a day camp while abiding by the strict new guidelines instituted by public health officials amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The children seemed unfazed by staff in masks and gloves, and did not mind having their temperatures checked each morning at dropoff, said Elissa Kobrin, the executive director of Camp Fire Wilani, the youth organization that runs Camp Wilani.”

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