Do these decals stick on grout and commercial bathroom floors?

Yes! However due to additional water wear under any exposed edges, the adhesive may not last as long as three months.

Can I subscribe and get new decals when my current decals wear out?

We are currently working on a subscription service. For now, please contact us about this before you order (or with your invoice/order number after you have ordered) and we will manually process your orders every three months.

Can you print our custom files and/or branding?

Yes we can! Submit the form on our Custom Decals page. There will still be a small setup charge, as listed on the page.

Why can I not get my decals produced over the weekend?

As of this time, our print shop is only open four days a week. All orders need to be printed during that time. If we have enough of your decal choice already printed and in stock, it will ship regardless of weekend.

Do I have to order the set quantities listed on the product pages?

For now, yes. Printing in these quantities allow us to give customers a break on pricing without material waste. Printing material is becoming hard to find during the COVID-19 outbreak.