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Social Distancing News for 6/23/20

Budgets put limits on social distancing options for schools (ABC News)

“As schools consider how and when to reopen their buildings during the pandemic, many are finding themselves overwhelmed by the potential expenses that would come with operating under social distancing guidelines: protective equipment, staff for smaller classes and additional transportation to keep students spread out on bus rides.

The burdens loom large in particular for urban, under-resourced districts that often have neither the space nor the budgets to accommodate new health protocols.

In Hartford, Connecticut, Superintendent Leslie Torres-Rodriguez shudders at the thought of how to afford a scenario where each teacher had dramatically fewer students. In some grades, she said, she has individual teachers with as many as 27 students in their classrooms.

“My budget would be nonexistent,” she said.

The vast majority of American school districts have yet to announce when they will resume in-person instruction. The trajectory of the outbreak remains uncertain, and many are waiting on direction from their states. Many are developing plans for at least some distance learning, and budgets are one of the factors that could determine how much they do from afar.”

Two meters? One meter plus? Social distancing rules prompt fierce debate in U.K. (WaPo)

“Prime Minister Boris Johnson is being asked to answer one of the most devilish questions of the pandemic: What’s the difference between two meters and one meter of social distancing, for public health and for saving the economy?

Or, asked another way, how much does it matter if restaurant diners or pub crawlers are required to be separated by six feet vs. three feet, more or less, with one meter being equal to 3.28084 feet?

Since Johnson ordered the United Kingdom into lockdown in March, Brits have been instructed — over and over — to please keep two meters of social distance between themselves to slow the spread of the coronavirus, which has killed at least 42,731 people here so far, the highest death toll in Europe.

But Johnson earlier this month ordered a government review of the distancing rules and is widely expected this week to endorse a new “one-meter-plus” fudge.”

Hot-yoga domes could be the new social-distancing fitness craze (NY Post)

“The coronavirus pandemic has made this the age of the pods.

From private dining pods to solo party pods, the best way to isolate among others is in one’s own personal bubble. Now, there’s a way to practice your downward dog in one, too.

In Toronto, a new pop-up event lets sick-of-Zoom yoga enthusiasts take in-person — and totally socially distanced — classes, thanks to individual geodesic domes.

Spaced evenly apart on the grounds of Lake Ontario-front Hotel X, these 50 clear bubbles measure more than 7 feet tall and 12 feet wide — and include built-in heating systems to mimic the warmth of a hot-yoga studio. And after each class, the domes get sanitized by certified cleaners.”

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Social Distancing News for 6/15/2020

Mecklenburg coronavirus case total tops 7,000. Less social distancing worries health officials. (Charlotte Observer)

“State health officials on Sunday reported 269 newly-identified coronavirus cases in Mecklenburg County, for a total of 7,131 people diagnosed with COVID-19 since mid-March.

The number of lab-confirmed cases in the county has grown significantly in recent days. Health officials have said that would likely happen as access to testing increased across the state. But Mecklenburg Health Director Gibbie Harris has warned that many have stopped social distancing and observing best practices such as wearing a mask or avoiding large gatherings.”

Gov. Cuomo Could ‘Reverse’ Reopening In Regions Breaking Social Distancing Rules, Restaurants And Bars Could Lose Liquor Licenses CBS Local NY

“ALBANY, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo sent a stern warning to restaurant and bar owners Sunday after reports came in from across the state of large gatherings where people were ignoring social distancing and not wearing masks.”

Crowds flock to Manhattan bars, restaurants despite social distancing rules (PIX11)

“MANHATTAN — New York officials are urging city residents to follow social distancing rules as crowds once again gathered outside of bars and restaurants in Manhattan Friday night.

From the East Village to the Upper East Side, the summer weather drew New Yorkers to restaurants and bars offering curbside pickup, but many lingered and chatted on the sidewalk while enjoying their takeout.”

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Social Distancing News 6/9/2020

Social Distance Floor Decals presents this social distancing news update for the benefit of our customers and businesses working to reopen and keep their customers safe during this challenging time. Have any news you’d like to share?

How to Have Friends Over (NY Times)

Keep the tables six feet apart, ask people to bring their own (everything) and stock up on pretty paper hand towels

“With careful planning, a cautious mind and some creative design, getting together with a limited number of friends and family members can be done.

Here are some fundamental guidelines to follow.

Stay outside.

“Outside is really key,” said Lindsey Leininger, a health policy researcher and clinical professor at Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. “We know that being indoors can be a risk factor for something going quite wrong,” even with a few guests.

And entertaining at home or in a park can be safer than outdoor dining at restaurants, because you can control who touches all the food, plates and table settings at all times, and be responsible for your own distancing.

Miss happy hour with your colleagues? Prepare two cocktails at home, funnel them into the strongest cooling bottle you have and ask a friend to meet you with his or her own glass.”

Milwaukee County’s percentage of positive coronavirus tests stays high at 16% while statewide results continue downward trend (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

“Hyland said all Metro Market and Pick ‘n Save stores follow sanitary guidelines outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

All employees are required to wear masks and have their temperature checked before each shift, he said.

To promote social distancing, the store has placed floor decals to indicate a 6-foot distance at all registers, pharmacy windows and self-checkout lanes, he said.

Carts and self-checkout screens are cleaned after each customer, and the store broadcasts reminders about the importance of social distancing every 15 minutes, he said.”

Swimming, s’mores and social distancing: Is summer camp during the pandemic worth it? (NBC)

“While on a nature hike at Camp Wilani in Veneta, Oregon, last week, five young campers crowded around an interesting bug before being gently reminded by staff members to spread out. Later, the children played badminton with 6 feet of space separating them. During archery, canoeing and arts and crafts, they took frequent breaks to pump hand sanitizer into their palms.

The small group of elementary and middle schoolers was attending a special four-day session just for children of essential workers — Camp Wilani’s first foray into operating a day camp while abiding by the strict new guidelines instituted by public health officials amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The children seemed unfazed by staff in masks and gloves, and did not mind having their temperatures checked each morning at dropoff, said Elissa Kobrin, the executive director of Camp Fire Wilani, the youth organization that runs Camp Wilani.”

Free COVID – 19 Business Reopening Guide

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Social Distancing News for 6/4/2002

This is what will be different at Chick-fil-A after dining rooms reopen (AJC)

“As mandatory shutdowns have ceased and guidelines have loosened, Atlanta-based Chick-fil-A has announced a return to the days of in-restaurant dining. The franchise plans to reopen its thousands of dining rooms across the country. The more than 2,300 locations across the country have been closed to inside dining since March due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Many locations had still offered curbside delivery and drive-thru service as alternatives.”

Mayor: Subway social distance markers a must for reopening (ABC)

“New York City buses and subways should look different when the city begins to ease coronavirus restrictions next week, with hand sanitizer in the stations and social distancing markers in place, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Wednesday.

“I want to see that everywhere you go, whether it is in a subway station, on the platform or on the train or on a bus there are markings telling you exactly where to be,” de Blasio said at his daily briefing.”

Delays in social distancing prolong COVID-19 outbreak, UT study says

 “A new study by researchers at The University of Texas at Austin found that social distancing delays by one day can lead to COVID-19 spreading for 2.4 extra days. 

The study looked at virus outbreaks in 58 cities across China. Researchers analyzed when first cases were detected, when social distancing measures including staying 6 feet apart, wearing masks and staying home were implemented and when the outbreak was considered contained.”

Sports Teams, Leagues Seeking Creative Solutions To Social Distancing In Stadiums (CBS Boston)

“Empty seats have been the norm the past few years at the University of Kansas, where a succession of football coaches has failed to turn around the flailing fortunes of the Jayhawks.

Now, all those open seats — and short lines and quiet concourses — will be the norm in stadiums just about everywhere.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced universities, leagues and franchises to evaluate how they might someday welcome back fans. While opinions vary from sport to sport, nation to nation and even state to state, one thing seems clear: Social distancing is a sure bet when fans return. So don’t expect 100,000-plus fans packed into Michigan Stadium for a football game this fall or 16,300 seated inside Kansas’ storied Allen Fieldhouse when college basketball season rolls around.”

“We don’t know how we’ll be coming back,” Jayhawks athletic director Jeff Long acknowledged. “We’ve modeled 15 to 16,000 in Memorial Stadium, and to be honest with you, we’ve modeled Allen Fieldhouse, and I can’t bring myself to look at it because I know how few people it will be and that’s upsetting.”

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Social Distancing News for 6/3/2020

Wearing Face Masks and Social Distancing Actually Work to Contain COVID-19, According to a New Study (Time)

“a study published Monday in The Lancet, researchers provide the strongest evidence yet that these practices do indeed lower the risk of spreading the virus.

An international group of scientists, led by senior author Dr. Holger Schunemann, professor of clinical epidemiology and medicine at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, analyzed 172 studies conducted in 16 countries that looked at the connection between social distancing, wearing masks, and wearing eye protection, and the risk of transmitting the virus. The studies included people with COVID-19 infections in addition to those with two other diseases caused by coronaviruses, SARS and MERS. The studies were observational, meaning that they tracked infection rates among people who practiced any of the aforementioned behaviors. Of the 172 studies, 44 (involving more than 25,000 participants) also included comparisons between those who followed the behaviors and those who did not.

When it comes to social distancing, the analysis showed that, on average, the risk of getting infected when remaining 1 meter (a little more than 3 ft) from an infected person was about 3%, while staying less than 1 meter apart upped the risk to 13%. The further people stand away from one another, the lower their risk. In fact, the risk drops by half for every additional meter of distancing up to 3 meters (about 10 ft).”

Masks and social distancing work, new analysis finds (ABC News)

“A new analysis finds masks and social distancing help but hand washing and other measures are still needed to control the coronavirus.

Researchers concluded single-layer cloth masks are less effective than surgical masks, while tight-fitting N95 masks provide the best protection. A distance of 1 meter (more than 3 feet) between people lowers the danger of catching the virus, while 2 meters (about 6 1/2 feet) is even better.

Eye protection such as eyeglasses or goggles can help too. None of the strategies work perfectly and more rigorous studies are needed, according to the analysis published Monday.”

Don’t think you need a face mask for coronavirus? See what UNC study shows. (Triad Business Journal – (Subscription required)

“A new study from UNC focusing on how coronavirus spreads found that the nasal cavity is usually the first site of infection – potentially re-enforcing the importance of face masks and giving future insight for preventative care.

This week, researchers at the UNC School of Medicine and the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health published a new study in the journal Cell cataloguing the ways the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus strain infects the nasal cavity to a greater degree than lower parts of the respiratory tract.

According to researchers, studies of how the virus infected cultured cells from different parts of the respiratory system showed “striking pattern of continuous variation, or gradient” from “relatively high infectivity” of nasal cells to “relatively low infectivity in lung cells.”

The cells lining the throat and bronchia were also found to have less infectivity than nasal cells.

“If the nose is the dominant initial site from which lung infections are seeded, then the widespread use of masks to protect the nasal passages, as well as any therapeutic strategies that reduce virus in the nose, such as nasal irrigation or antiviral nasal sprays, could be beneficial,” said Dr. Richard Boucher, co-senior author of the study and director of the Marsico Lung Institute at the UNC School of Medicine.”

Do retailers need to go beyond ‘reopening playbooks’? (RetailWire)

“Reopening playbooks and opportunistic devices make many promises but beg the question, “So what?” What do you do when your device alerts you that a shopper has a temperature of 101°F? I can only imagine the legal ramifications (HIPAA) of emailing a person’s identity and their temperature through unsecured systems. How do you, or your shoppers, know that sanitizing is being done?

Many of these efforts make for good optics but lack substance. This was substantiated during a recent conversation with a retail manager in which she commented on all the visual references to cleaning and sanitizing in her company’s advertising, but said “all I see in the store is a person without a mask mopping the floor.”

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Winery & Brewery Social Distancing Floor Decals Now Available has just released social distancing floor decals for wineries & breweries.
“We understand that as wineries and breweries re-open there will be a need for custom social distancing floor decals to help keep remind customers about the CDCs recommendations.” From Virginia to California we can ship these winery and brewery social distancing floor decals.


Social Distance Floor Decals ( came about from an idea from a close friend of co-founder, Mike Hall. Mike’s friend told him that a local printer was printing floor decals for social distancing, Mike knew he had to call Rob Ainbinder and discuss if there was a possibility they could fill an empty market and supply needed products during these tough times. Within four days, the partners had product designs, pricing, marketing, and the e-commerce site up and running for the public to shop.

The business is a real family affair too. One of Mike’s sons makes the post office runs, while Rob’s daughter models the earloop face masks and face shields.

Posted on Leave a comment Small Business Spotlight on Fox 8 WGHP co-founders Rob Ainbinder & Michael Hall appeared on Fox 8 WGHP’s Small Business Spotlight on May 13, 2020.

Reporter Bob Buckley and a producer spent part of the morning on May 12, 2020 with the co-founders to learn more about the duo’s business, how it originated, their professional background, ideas for the future and to share insights on how the pandemic might change how we live.

Media Contacts

Top Selling Products

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New Company to Offer Stock and Custom COVID-19 Floor Decals to Promote Social Distancing


Contact: Rob Ainbinder or Michael Hall

Phone: 336-448-4222


ASHEBORO, NC, May 5, 2020— Businesses everywhere can now take advantage of a new local provider for social distancing floor decals, disposable and washable/reusable earloop face masks, disposable face shields and bulk purchase facemask packs through Social Distance Floor Decals.

“There will be an ongoing need for coronavirus-related signage and support items in the coming months, and possibly for a year or more,” said company co-founder Rob Ainbinder. “We want to help speed businesses’ time to re-opening and assist business owners in keeping both their employees and customers as safe as possible.”

All decals meet CDC COVID-19 guidelines and are mailed to your place of business for self-installation—all with competitive pricing. Businesses can select from a variety of original, innovative stock designs or choose a custom design using their logo/brand colors with custom messaging.

Decals are made from high quality, durable adhesive vinyl meant to last up to 90 days with regular foot traffic; initially repositionable; and leave no adhesive trace when removing. Orders can be earmarked in advance to replace your floor decals every 90 days. In-stock and custom designs include those for businesses of all sizes, including retailers, breweries, coffee shops, grocery stores, hospitals and other industries.

Social Distance Floor Decals also offers an affiliate program with commission through referral sales. See their website for more information:


About Social Distance Floor Decals

Social Distance Floor Decals was founded by partners Michael Hall, owner of Conxion Visual Communications, and Rob Ainbinder, owner and proprietor of Why People Click, a digital marketing agency that manages paid search, and search engine optimization for small-to-medium businesses as well as other small marketing agencies.

If you’d like more information about Social Distance Floor Decals or to schedule an interview, please contact Rob Ainbinder or Michael Hall at 336-448-4222.

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Facebook Launches Small Business Grant for COVID Impacted Businesses

Facebook announced a grant for certain small businesses “Up to 30,000 eligible small businesses in more than 30 countries where we operate will be able to receive the grant” with some specific qualifiers.

To be eligible to apply, you must:

  • Be a for-profit company
  • Have between 2 and 50 employees
  • Have been in business for over a year
  • Have experienced challenges from COVID-19
  • Be in or near a location where Facebook operates

Application availability:

  • Available now – New York City and Seattle
  • Available now – San Francisco Bay Area
  • April 22 – All other eligible US cities

For details about the Small Business Grants Program, you can view the program Terms and Conditions and Grant Privacy Policy.