About Social Distance Floor Decals

Social Distance Floor Decals (socialdistancefloordecals.com) came about from an idea from a close friend of co-founder, Mike Hall. Mike’s friend told him that a local printer was printing floor decals for social distancing, Mike knew he had to call Rob Ainbinder and discuss if there was a possibility they could fill an empty market and supply needed products during these tough times. Within four days, the partners had product designs, pricing, marketing, and the e-commerce site up and running for the public to shop.

The business is a real family affair too. One of Mike’s sons makes the post office runs, while Rob’s daughter models the earloop face masks and face shields.

The company designs the floor decals and partners with local printers to produce them. The earloop masks and shields come from other NC manufacturers partnered with the company, and any new products added will be sourced from NC based businesses if at all possible. The company sells nationwide with its goal of supporting the local economy.