About Rob Ainbinder and Mike Hall

Rob Ainbinder and Mike Hall have worked together in the web development and marketing field for many years. Becoming friends while working at a marketing agency in Greensboro, they continued their friendship and partner with each other on independent projects and clients’ jobs. Both Rob & Mike currently work from home with their own businesses. Together they have a huge entrepreneurial spirit and have had the opportunity to develop many business ideas serving specific markets.

Rob Ainbinder

Rob is an expert in Online Marketing, Digital Ads, and Search Engine Optimization. He lost his wife to Glioblastoma Multiforme (a rare brain cancer) in 2019. He continues working, raising his teenage daughter, spending time with his girlfriend, enjoys playing with his dog, cooking outdoor (barbeque), writing, and watching NFL football.

Michael Hall

Mike has spent his life as a Designer, Web Developer, and Web Designer. However, he has become disabled with a muscle movement and neurological disorder that began in 2014. Mike’s wife, Rebekah, has been a huge sponsor of continuing to use his knowledge and desire to work even through these tribulations. His family helps in our projects, making this a true family business.